What can you do today?

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Mark your calendars for Friday, Feb 1st at 11am.

It’s time we pay our Arizona State legislators a visit.  Arizona law maker John Kavanagh is busy preparing legislation to repeal Prop 203.  He wants to get rid of the medical marijuana program in Arizona. And he is spewing/using flawed research to fuel his claims.  While most of the country has come to the realization that our drug laws are a farce and we should move move to end prohibition and look to tax and regulate.  Kavanagh would have the citizens of Arizona to jump on the fledgling bandwagon of lies that have led prohibitionists poorly founded claims since 1937. Join Cannabis activists  advocates and patients in a peaceful gathering at the AZ State Capitol in front of the AZ House of Representatives we will meet.

Check out who your Rep is and come prepared to possibly have a conversation with your representative.   Tell him/her your story about medical marijuana.  Ask that they not lend support to Kavanagh’s disdain for Arizona voters.  We should remind Kavanagh that MEDICAL MARIJUANA HAS PASSED 3 TIMES  in Arizona.    We can also leave messages as citizens if Kavanagh’s Bill is still current and active–Kiosks located inside the building.