Two Groups want to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in Arizona

AZFMR VS. MPP Marijuana Initiatives Comparison Chart

Arizona Citizens (AZFMR) vs The out of state Fat Cats(MPP)


In Arizona there are 2 main groups working to change the marijuana laws in Arizona.  Both groups,  Arizonans for Mindful Regulation -AZFMR and the Marijuana Policy Project – MPP need to collect over 150,00 signatures by next July 2016 to get a spot on the 2016 ballot.. The MPP  is a corporate, non profit based out of Washington DC and the AZFMR are citizens, businesses, and organizations from Arizona.

Local activist groups CAMP 420, Safer Arizona and Phoenix Cannabis Coalition and others are supporting AZFMR as it ‘s initiative will  regulate marijuana and decriminalize marijuana to ensure  that ordinary people will no longer go to jail  for marijuana possession. The MPP’s initiative is an incremental form of regulation that only makes possession of 1 ounce of marijuana legal while amounts beyond 2.5 ounce reverts to the SAME FELONY CHARGES  with NO protection from  mandatory prison time. Similar to bating and trapping prey for a hunt, the felony charges in MPPs initiative will NOT remove incentives to actively hunt down marijuana users and put them in jail. MPPs initiative an could potentially increase arrests and expand the Arizona prison industrial complex.

Tensions are high in the local cannabis community.  Sorry, couldn’t help the pun.

Below is a link to a comparison chart of the AZFMR VS MPP and links to the language of both initiatives.

Decide for yourself.  Then donate to AZFMR! Please and Thank You! CAMP 420