Jury Nullification- Jurors say NoT Guilty to bad laws!

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Under these circumstances, about the only way to “inform” the jury, once in court, is to hint at their power during voir dire (jury selection), then explain it during closing arguments–at least until the gavel slams down and you’re threatened with contempt of court if you or your attorney continues! Take heed: contempt of court charges do not entail a trial by jury, just a show-cause hearing and judgment by the bench! You’re not so likely to be stopped or threatened with contempt if you use part of your jury selection time, opening and especially closing remarks to remind your jurors about their role as the “conscience of the community”, how the jury is an important player in our system of justice, that the jury stands as an important buffer between the accused person and the power of the government, and that these are the reasons America uses jurors, not computers, to judge a case.